Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Creating a new future - Project 2

What are the issues:

  • Homelessness
  • Robbing
  • Illness

What do you think are possible causes of these issues?

  • ( homelessness )  No money / job and family support.
  • ( robbing ) Not having enough money to pay so they need to steal for it.
  • ( illness ) it could be with getting old and sick or not taking care of your body.
3. Homeless people affect their own lives by sleeping on the street getting sick and staying in the cold busting for money so they could get warm food.
Or affecting tourist and others by maybe forced to give money to the homeless.

Robbing would be affecting the shops and others because all the money they worked for just got robbed, also others get hurt or injured in the process of the robbing.

Illness is affecting themselves and other because they are in pain and the caregivers will have to buy very expensive medication.

( homeless ) - relates to

  • Mental
  • Physical !
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Because the person's health and getting sick on the streets.

( stealing ) relates to
  • Mental
  • Physical !
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Because it could hurt the people that you are stealing from.

( illness ) relates to

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Social !
  • Spiritual
Because their families talk to other families and try save up for the medication.

My three stories ( issues )

Story 1:Rotorua Homeless
Story 2:Store Worker Fights Robbers
Story 3:A Man Shot By Police

The link to the 3 stories >> Stories

Creative Writing

Topic: Single sex schools are best for students!

Why i say yes:
I think that we should have single sex schools because boys get very distracted by girls such as ( getting together ) will affect their learning and its the same for the girls. There are also boys fighting over girls and girls fighting over boys.
Why i say no:
I also was thinking about how some girls in an all girl school can turn into liking each other in other words ( lesbian ).

Word Count ( 82 )
Everyone to complete
What a fantastic place the safari park is. Why haven’t you been to visit? There are mischievous monkeys, giant giraffes and crawling crocodiles. As for other animals the list, is endless lions ,elephants, peacocks, pythons and so many more. There is something to watch all the time a monkey swinging from a climbing frame, a peacock catching food, a lion climbing a ladder. If you are interested in food a delicious menu is available with indoor and outdoor eating. Are you still too busy to visit? Surely not The park is open every day between 8am and 8pm So book a date now! The animals are expecting you?

Winston is one of the most laid-back people I know. He is tall and slim with black hair and he always wears a t-shirt and black jeans. His jeans have holes in them and his baseball boots are scruffy too, he usually sits at the back of the class and he often seems to be asleep however when the exam results are given out he always gets an "A" i don't think hes as lazy as he appears to be?

Current Events - Week 2

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Creative Writing:

  • Hatupatu and the Bird lady

( Aim ) - What if the bird lady
( kurangaituku ) survived being burnt to death!

( Carrying on when hatupatu escaped her while opening the rock and then begun to run.)

As hatupatu approached lake rotorua kurangaituku ( the bird lady ) saw him once more and chased him , Hatupatu reached the boiling waters of whakarewarewa jumping over the springs. Kurangaituku tried to follow him but ended up being burnt to death.

Her flock of birds surrounded the spring where kurangaituku died, chirping as they watched her being burnt unable to help her try everything they could, they finally started towards Hatupatu to finish what she had started.

Without her flock knowing kurangaituku rose from the boiling water as the earth around the spring began to shake, she again chased Hatupatu but with more anger inside this time and with her flock along her side.

My Kainga My Castle: 2

My Kainga My Castle: ! project 2 !

!Pakeha settlement of rotorua!

  1. Where did pakeha settlers to rotorua come from?

  • The settlers originally came from england / london before they settled into new zealand.

2. When did they arrive ?

  • On the 13 december 1642 “Abel Janszoon Tasman’ was the first explorer to sight new zealand.

3. Why did the settlers come to nz?

  • Because the maori had good lands in new zealand and so many european wanted to come here and settle on our land.

4. How did the settlement change rotorua

5. How was living in the 1900’s different to now?

Well first of all let’s start off with the telephones built in the 1900’s compared to our smartphones invented in the 2000’s

Also back then they just invented electric automobiles like this

doesn't this look different to our inventions in the 2000’s